Stick Barometers

Stick Barometers were first produced in the late 17th century by famous clockmakers such as Tompion, Quare and Delander. As the 18th century progressed various styles were introduced, the earlier examples being veneered in walnut and then with mahogany as it became more popular and more readily available.

By C.1760 virtually all Stick Barometers were being produced in mahogany and they started to follow individual styles as the general fashions changed.

During the early part of the 19th century the classic architectural topped stick barometers were being produced in quite large numbers. By the mid 19th century oak was being used as the main timber and the stick barometers became much larger in their design and build.

These were very often used by Farmers or Mariners. The Marine barometer was also introduced at this period which hung from a brass bracket from within the ship to allow it to work accurately.

All of our Mercurial barometers are presented in a fully restored condition and are in full working order. They can be delivered in the UK Free of Charge either by ourselves or carrier but please contact us if you are overseas as due to new rules and regulations regarding the shipment of mercury there are now some restrictions.

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Reproduction Russell barometer from Garrards

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Mahogany stick barometer by Sandrino of Liverpool

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