Exporting Antique Longcase Clocks for 50 years....

We have exported a large number of antique longcase clocks over the last six decades. This has enabled us to perfect this service for our Overseas customers.  You can be rest assured that your longcase clock will be crated and packed with the utmost care and attention.

Once payment has been recieved the process begins with a full Export Check of the movement and cabinet work. On completition of this a winding key is selected (if not already assigned), the door keys are labelled, full installation instructions are supplied and any further special instructions are supplied if necessary.

The Shipper will then collect the clock from our Showrooms in Cherhill, Wiltshire and the process of packing will begin.  The first process is to make a manifest of the various parts of the clock.  This normally consists of the following - Clock Hood, Clock Trunk, Movement, Weights, Pendulum, Installation Instructions, Keys (winding and door keys and Finials.

A bespoke, made to measure crate is manufactured for the trunk and hood as shown. This is then polystyrene lined for shock absorbency. The clock trunk is also soft wrapped using 5 ply paper blankets and corrugated card. The trunk, hood, weights and pendulum are then placed carefully within the crate.

Antique delivery, shipping & export

Extra care is taken when packing the movement...

All parts are secured, especially the escapement crutch and hands to the front of the dial. The movement is placed within its own bespoke built wooden crate which is then housed within a secondary crate for extra protection.  The remaining small items such as the instructions, door keys, winding keys and finials if applicable are also placed within this box. A copy of the packing inventory itemising the clock parts and in which crate they are housed will be placed within one of the crates and will act as the customers checklist.

Glass tape will be applied to the glass fronted clock hood prior to it being soft wrapped using 5 ply paper blankets and corrugated card.

The Shipment therefore consists of two crates. Both crates will be marked to display that the contents of the crates are fragile and should be handled with care. 'This way up' markings will also be clearly visible on each crate.

Finally 'Shock Watch' labelling will be applied to each crate.  This will activate during the transit period should the cases receive any rough and/or inappropriate handling

Antique delivery, export and shipping

Approximate shipping prices.....

We have used our current Shippers for over 20 years. They are very experienced at shipping fine art and not only ship one off items but also undertake removals of entire estates. To give an idea of costs you will find below the average price to send a longcase clock fully insured to the most popular destinations. All are sent via Air unless otherwise stated.

  • USA - £800-£1,200
  • Canada - £1,200-£1,500
  • China/Hong Kong - £1,400-£1,800
  • Australia (Ocean Freight) - £800-£1,200
  • United Arab Emirates - £1,200-£1,500

Please find our Shippers full details below if you wish to contact them to talk about their services regarding a longcase clock shipment.

Simon Hall Limited, Willersey Industrial Estate, Willersey, Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7RR
0800 0920881