Marquetry Longcase Clocks

Marquetry longcase clocks were introduced towards the end of the 17th century, the first examples being made in C.1675. They were made alongside the ebony veneered or ebonised longcase clock which were used by the very early makers such as Fromanteel.

The Marquetry cabinet work was made with a large number of woods to obtain the different colours and definition and combined with walnut, Olivewood and Laburnum.

There were many different styles of Marquetry such as Seaweed, Scroll, Strap and Floral. Floral seems to be have been used on the earlier examples but continued to be used into the 18th century but with much larger designs and eventually covered the entire door rather than just panelled marquetry.

It is thought that the Marquetry was made by a specialist, completely separate to the actual clock case maker.  To design, cut, fit and finish just one Marquetry panelled door must have taken months.  With only natural and candle light to assist them and of course only manually controlled tools.  Some of the designs and workmanship that we have seen over the years are truly remarkable.

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