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Richardson of London - Mahogany Stick Barometer

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An 18th century mahogany stick barometer with rare burr harewood veneer to the main column.

The silvered brass scale signed with the makers name above the tube and calibrated from 27" to 31" with a sliding vernier and brass pointer. The case made principally of mahogany but with burr harewood veneer to the front, boxwood and ebony inlay, an exposed mercury tube and a finely turned mahogany cistern cover and a plain rounded top.

Note: There is a John & Matthew Richardson listed as working from 1716 - 1827. There is no direct record but we have found evidence that they did work in the same location at Sir Isaac Newtons Head and Golden Spectacles, against York Buildings in the Strand, London. This has led us to believe that they were Father and Son. Matthew Richardson was Optician to His Majesty and was apprenticed to Mr Edward Scarlett. John Richardson was directly involved with the development of Bifocal Spectacles.