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18th century stick barometer by Peter Dollond of London

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A quite exceptional 18th century mahogany stick barometer by this Royal Instrument Maker.

The main silvered brass scale calibrated from 28" to 31" and incorporating a sliding silvered brass vernier with brass knob and pointer. The scale also with typical weather indications of the period ranging from Very Dry to Stormy and engrave with the makers name Dollond, London. The main column of the barometer with the extremely rare feature of a full length silvered brass thermometer scale reading from 20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The mercury thermometer attached to the scale with a brass loop to the top and a beautifully made brass bulb guard to the case. For this feature to work the main mercury tube which is fitted with a boxwood cistern is of a rare bayonet shape to allow the tube to travel underneath the thermometer scale and reappearing at the main scale.

The mahogany case of a very solid construction and with a superbly made turned mahogany cistern cover with transportation screw below. The architectural top with a central brass finial.

Note: The son of John Dollond, who was originally a Huguenot silk weaver but went into partnership with his Father between 1752-61. His brother also joined him in 1766 until 1804 when he died. Peter Dollond is described as a brilliant Instrument Maker and was appointed Optician to King George III and the Duke of York. Born 1730. Died 1820.

This is an exceptional example of his work and would have been a highly prized purchase at the time