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Bow Fronted stick barometer by Berge of London

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An exceptional bow fronted stick barometer by this apprentice to the famous Jesse Ramsden. 

The silvered brass scale calibrated from 28" to 31" with a sliding rack and pinion vernier of excellent workmanship and design and controlled with a bone set key set within a bone collet. The dial also engraved with weather indications and makers name and place of work engraved to the base of the scale Berge, London, Late Ramsden. The dial is enclosed within an original bowed glass. 

The very high quality flat-to-the-wall mahogany case with excellent flame veneers to the bowed front and with a cushion topped pediment. The base with an ebonised fruitwood urn cistern, ebony mouldings, ebony inlay and access to the brass cistern screw for transportation. 
He worked from 199 Piccadilly from the death of Jesse Ramsden until 1817.

A very collectable and desirable scientific instrument.

Note: Jesse Ramsden was one of the greatest scientific instrument makers of the eighteenth century. His workshop was the largest in London. He invented the first accurate dividing engine and devised and improved many instruments. When he died in 1800 he left his workshop and his dividing engine to his foreman Matthew Berge in his will. The instruments under construction in the workshop at his death were all signed “Berge late Ramsden” so this instrument must have been completed shortly after 1800. Subsequently all instruments made in the workshop were signed simply “Berge London”.