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Mahogany Wheel Barometer by Baserga of Preston

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A fine mahogany wheel barometer with a rare centrally positioned Hygrometer.

The main silvered brass dial is 8" in diameter and is calibrated from 28" to 31", engraved with typical weather indications and enclosed within a glazed concave brass bezel. The thermometer scale is calibrated from 20º to 90º Fahrenheit.  The hygrometer can be found to the centre of the case below the thermometer which is a very unusual and rare position.  The cabinet work is of the highest quality with excellent proportions and features ebony and boxwood edge inlay.  The top of the barometer terminates with a broken architectural top and a central brass finial.

Note:  A. Baserga was working in Preston between 1810-1830. This is an unusual example due to the centrally positioned Hygrometer.